Protein Bar Dessert Rolls



  1. Microwave each Lean Body Protein Bar you’re using for around 10-15 seconds (this makes them easier to shape).
  2. Take out a baking pan and some parchment paper.
  3. Coat the handle of a wooden spoon or anything round with some non-stick cooking spray.
  4. Wrap 1/2 of your bar around your handle (this will form the hole in the middle).
  5. Slide off your “roll” and place it onto your parchment paper.
  6. Bake them on 350F/176C for around 8-10 minutes or until they expand and turn a golden brown color (they should almost double in size).
  7. Fill them by either using the corner of a plastic bag or dessert decorator.
Tips: Make different sizes!
If they look like they are flattening out while in the oven, turn them on their side after a few minutes!

Makes: 2 Rolls