Teenagers – Lean Body for Everybody™

From the classroom, to the sports field, to the after-school job, your teen has a lot going on. He or she is also growing and developing at a rapid rate. Now, just as in your teen’s younger years, a healthy diet with adequate protein is essential. It’s a sure-fire way to help keep your mini-adult primed to reach his or her full potential.


Smarter Solution.

Eating protein at every snack or meal can be difficult when there’s prep involved. You don’t want to be cooking all day, and neither does your teen. An easier solution lies in the convenience of delicious Lean Body® Ready-to-Drink protein shakes.

Stock Your Fridge.

Lean Body® RTDs provide 40 grams of protein to help keep your teen energized throughout the day. And unlike most sodas and juices, they contain zero grams of sugar. Just keep your fridge stocked so your teen can grab an RTD as they’re heading out for school, practice, work, or wherever else their busy life takes them. They’ll love the great taste, and you’ll love the great nutrition.

Recover, Repair, Grow.

If your teen is very active (i.e., does an hour or more of organized sports per day), he or she will have higher protein needs than more sedentary kids. It’s another reason to have Lean Body® RTDs on hand. They’ll provide just what your teen needs to recover, repair, and grow after vigorous exercise.