Students – Life as You Know It

The assignments, the exams, the all-nighters … When most of your time is spent deep in the books, it can be easy to let good nutrition slide. Like most students, you skip your fair share of meals or reach for food that your Mom wouldn’t approve of – fast food!


No Slug Zone.

Instead of grabbing junk that will leave you feeling sluggish, grab a Lean Body® Ready-to-Drink protein shake. Nutritious and delicious, Lean Body® RTDs are packed with 40 grams of high-quality protein to help fuel your busy lifestyle.

Energy That Lasts.

Unlike stimulant-laden energy drinks, Lean Body® RTDs provide a long-lasting feeling of energy – making them perfect for studying. They also have zero grams of sugar, to help you avoid sudden energy crashes in the middle of your study session.

Stash ‘em Anywhere.

Since Lean Body® RTDs truly are ready-to-drink, you can take them anywhere, anytime. Store some in your dorm fridge, pack some in your backpack, or bring some to class. Lean Body® RTDs help keep your stomach full and your mind alert, so you can keep your grades on point!