Busy Professionals – Lean Body for Everybody™

Business meetings, project deadlines, a stack of emails a mile long. And it’s only Monday! When your work life is hectic, nutrition usually takes a back seat. Lunch break … what lunch break? You can barely come up for air, let alone step away from your desk.


Work Smarter.

While your get-the-job-done attitude serves your company well, it’s not doing your health any favors. Skipping snacks and meals can zap your energy and reduce your focus. So even though you’re trying to work harder, you’re actually not working smarter.

When You Need It Most.

An easy way to stay nourished and alert throughout your day is to grab a Lean Body® Ready-to-Drink protein shake. With 40 grams of protein and zero grams of sugar, Lean Body® provides the nutrition and energy you need to help you shine. Just put one in your work fridge or lunch cooler, and pop one out when you need it most!

Satisfy Your Hunger.

Not only will Lean Body® quiet your growling stomach throughout the day, it will keep your cravings in check come evening. No more ravenously raiding your fridge the second you get home from work. With Lean Body®, you’ll be more satisfied and less likely to binge at dinner.